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Naturallogic Be Drunken

An iconic mask and nourishing serum from Naturallogic, Boxwalla presents the Be Drunken beauty box. Note, this box is now sold out, however, you can still buy these two gems individually.


About the Brand

With the motto, Holistic by nature. High-performance by design, it’s not surprising to learn that the name Naturallogic is inspired by “Divine Proportion”, the mathematical ratio that Nature uses to intelligently design life.  Launched in 2007, Naturallogic is inspired by natural beauty, conscious design through meticulous research and development and a mission to find the sweet spot between nature and science for perfect efficacy. Aiming to create multi-functional, nutrient rich, sensorially elegant and uplifting formulas to return skin to it’s optimal state.

LUNA Red Wine Bioferment Mask

A seasonal mask made in a micro-batch, LUNA claims to instantly impart moisture balance & antioxidant nourishment, delivering intense hydration & luminosity.

True to its name, Red Wine Grapes lead the INCI and deliver a natural source of AHAs, Polyphenols, Resveratrol & Gluconic Acid, together helping to restore elasticity, hydration and even skin tone while neutralising free radicals. Kaolin detoxifies the skin by drawing out impurities, but unlike traditional clay masks, there’s no tightening as it dries thanks to beautiful balance.

Raw Cacao Butter and Honey add antibacterial goodness, softening emollients & nourishing vitamins. The oil complex (Cranberry, Raspberry, Macadamia & Rosemary) enhances these effects while boosting antioxidant activity, a function further supported by Rosehip & Strawberry Juice.

Trusty HA & Glycerin attract water while Honeysuckle, Vanilla & Jasmine contribute soothing properties.

The enzyme/probiotic rich ferment is a labour of love. The formulation is stellar!

LUNA Red Wine Bioferment Mask

The texture is creamy and I would expect the colour to vary from batch to batch depending on the grapes. The scent clearly captures the hero.  This is the type of mask, you literally want to wear for hours! I find the longer I leave it on, the greater the benefit. It’s the perfect relaxant! As the brand claims, it breathes new life and vitality into skin.

My skin feels so soft and looks so fresh after application. It’s not just a sensory delight but a serious treat for the skin. I feel like I’ve just had a facial afterwards.  A holistic product indeed, it also provides a boost to spirit, mood and confidence.


In reaching a star rating for this mask, a lot of factors came into pay. Formulation is superb, each high quality ingredient with its purpose. Testament to the product’s fine texture is the ability to comfortably wear this mask for literally hours, benefits increasing with duration.

Although the glass jar is lovely, there was no spatula included in the packaging. Together with the large opening, it can invite contamination, especially if it isn’t used within the recommended shelf life and PAO (period after opening).  Finally, the production and quality are outstanding and totally justify price ($USD78 at time of publishing). However, the cost does put it out of reach for many. This is a luxury product, ideal for those without a skincare budget, those seeking a beautiful gift or those who simply want to spoil themselves.

Overall Rating
LUNA Red Wine Bioferment Mask Texture


Eternal Milk Vitamin Peptide Treatment

Said to rejuvenate and restore skin via increased collagen production, firmness and elasticity, Eternal Milk employs peptides, proteins, nutrients & antioxidants to achieve its objective.

Naturallogic Eternal Milk Peptide Vitamin Treatment

Floating in a soothing base of aloe juice plus rose & neroli waters, a big hit of Niacinamide tends to tone and pore concerns. Skin compatible Squalane, omega fatty acid rich Cacay Nut & Blueberry Oils plus Cocoa Butter add immediate moisture as well as contribute suppleness and antioxidant protection, the latter further boosted by Vitamins C & E.

A triple peptide complex combines with White Lupine, Green Pea and Sacha Inchi to elevate collagen production; micro-Algae and Gotu Kola help tighten skin; and natural anti-agers Rosehip and Ginseng provide wrinkle care. Soothing effects come from Broccoli & Date Palm extracts and of course hydration is delivered with trusty Hyaluronic Acid.

There are a handful of essential oils rounding the formula worth noting for the very sensitive.

Beautifully presented in a frosted pump bottle, this delicate emulsion is weightless and silky, gliding over the skin and absorbing with absolute ease. Essential oils give it a faint floral scent that elevates the whole sensory experience. Personally, it’s far from sensitizing for me, in fact, quite the contrary, it’s divine.

Anti-aging results are never eye popping with non-prescription products however, the INCI certainly supports long term benefits and the hydration alone helps to plump out lines and prolong new ones forming while textural benefits assist to achieve a healthy glow. 


An absolutely delightful formula makes for a great general aging defense.  It’s a wonderful option for those heading into their 30’s and beyond. I find essential oils totally uplifting when used well as is the case here, however, they can be irritating to some so may exclude those with sensitivities.

Pump glass packaging is both hygienic and aesthetic. Similar to the mask, this treatment retails for $USD88 (correct at time of publishing), again putting it out of reach of some. However, good anti-aging skincare doesn’t come cheap so I think in this case, it’s justified. As far as value goes, this is a sensory delight. Did I see as much in terms of results as I would have liked? Well, texture and hydration were enhanced, however, improvements to skin firmness weren’t so obvious. Having said that, topical, non-prescription, peptide-centric applications generally need a few months before their effects become visible (duration dependent on concentration and skin condition).

Overall Rating


Please read in context with my disclaimer.

These products were provided to me free of charge by Boxwalla without obligation. This post only includes my honest opinion and experience of this brand and is in no way influenced by Naturallogic, Boxwalla, product suppliers, representatives or any other third party.

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