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    Avène Hyaluron Activ B3

    I received the cream, eye cream and serum from the Avène Hyaluron Active B3 line, from Influenster and here are my thoughts: Hyaluron Active B3 Renewal Firming Aqua Cream-In-Gel An all-on-one light textured anti-aging moisturiser, this can be used as a day or night cream and also a mask to deeply hydrate, plump and rejuvenate elasticity.     This line incorporates a significant 6% Niacinamide (B3, hence the product name) and 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid as the star ingredients. Together they help to plump with moisture, refine texture and even skin tone. Soothing effects come from the brand’s iconic Thermal Spring Water base. Humectants (Glycerin, Diglycerin) enhance hydration, Adenosine helps reduce…

  • Best of 2021

    Highlights of 2021

    Lots of great skincare was released in 2021 and I also discovered several products that aren’t new but were new to me. The best of these follow. You can find reviews on my Instagram page and some in more depth right here on the blog.   cleansers It was a great year for cleansers. Being in a face mask for most of the year and experiencing long lockdowns meant I really didn’t wear any make up in 2021. I only use balms for makeup removal and as such, didn’t even open any let alone discover any great ones this year. However, I oil cleanse every night and the Urang Natural…

  • Dry Skin Toners
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    Best Toners For Thirsty Skin

    Dry vs Dehydrated Skin Dry skin lacks natural oil, as opposed to dehydrated skin which lacks water. However, both can feel the some and often it’s hard to tell them apart. Dry skin is a skin type and is genetic while dehydrated skin is a skin condition that can be treated.   Symptoms of dry skin include a feeling of tightness, itchiness, flaking and an ashy complexion. Skin generally looks dull and matte, making it more prone to fine lines or even cracks. Chances are your skin soaks up moisturising creams pretty quickly. There are several factors that can lead to dehydration, including environment, diet and the products you choose.…

  • Self Care

    The Importance of Self-Care

    Finding joy in the little things Lockdowns, fear and uncertainty have become the norm as we navigate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic. Little things can often have the biggest impact when it comes to maintaining good mental, emotional and physical health during such challenging times. Personally, this translates to reducing the amount of news coverage I follow, practising mindfulness, good diet and exercise (I try!) and doing things that genuinely bring me joy.   One of my passions is of course skincare which is currently doing a lot more than just hydrating, smoothing and firming!   Getting the most from your routine I’ve been practicing Korean skincare for several…

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    Fragrance In Skincare

    why does it matter? Fragrance in skincare can be contributed naturally or synthetically. Natural examples include essential oils and botanical extracts like lavender, mint, citrus and rose. Synthetic are chemically derived in a lab. Fragrance can make a product smell better and more enticing. Regardless of its origin, appeal or concentration, fragrance is a very common sensitising ingredient that can affect all skin types.   It’s worth noting that cosmetic companies are not required to disclose the components that make up the ingredient “fragrance” so that opens up any number of potential problems.   Fragrance may have a negative effect on the skin either in the short or long term.…

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    The Meejee Method

    the Meejee The Meejee is a facial cleansing device with ultra-soft silicone bristles that transfer high frequency vibrations onto your skin and pores. It gently exfoliates, thoroughly cleanses and removes dirt, oil and makeup, effectively keeps pores clean and discourages breakouts. The result, clear, smooth and glowing skin in under a minute. ** Get 20% off your Meejee with Discount Code DENISE20 **     the mechanics The device comes with a USB cord (5V DC/1A), a full charge taking approximately 2 hours to complete. You generally need to charge it every couple of months (dependent on usage duration and frequency) which is very convenient. If you forget to turn…

  • Essence, Serum and Ampoule

    Essence, Serum and Ampoule

    how are they different? As well as being nourishing, brightening and hydrating, the Korean skincare routine is complex! There are so many steps, several of which exhibit lots of similarities. Take essence, serum and ampoule for instance. They all technically do the same thing but at different potencies, textures and positions within the skincare routine.   what is an essence? An essence is a lightweight liquid that follows cleansing and toning. Its primary objective is to add hydration to the skin. Essences generally comprise an abundance of plant extracts and antioxidants but may also include an additional focus.   For example, they may incorporate a brightening ingredient such as niacinamide…

  • Korean Hero Ingredients
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    Korean Hero Ingredients

    uniquely Korean Korean skincare is synonymous with some amazing ingredients such as snail mucin, propolis and ginseng. Many are steeped in medicinal history that dates back to ancient times, their efficacy proven over centuries. Let’s take a look at some of the heroes that are currently trending.   propolis Propolis Extract is a combination of beeswax, enzymes and tree sap used by bees to seal, disinfect and waterproof their hive. It’s additionally excellent for the skin, implemented to heal wounds for centuries. Rich in flavonoids, propolis displays powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It works to regenerate and moisturize, achieving smooth, supple and hydrated skin. It also assists to balance…

  • Glass Skin

    Glass Skin

    what is “glass skin”? As a Korean skincare enthusiast, you may have recently heard the term “Glass Skin”. The clear, translucent, even and smooth properties of glass are a reflection of skin goals. To achieve glass skin is to achieve a complexion so clear that it resembles a sheet of glass. It is the ideal skin state, one of dewiness, clarity, evenness and youth.   how to achieve glass skin A key attribute of glass skin is excellent hydration and moisturisation in order to give skin a plump and dewy glow. The Korean skincare routine utilises multiple layers that contribute such properties including toner, essence, sheet masks and serums. Clarity…

  • Acne and how to treat it

    Acne And How To Treat It

    what is acne? Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. It presents in different forms including pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.   Acne can be inflammatory (papule, pustule) or non-inflammatory (blackhead, whitehead). There are two types of inflammatory acne which result when a blocked hair follicle becomes inflamed or infected by bacteria. A papule develops when whiteheads or blackheads cause so much irritation that they damage some of the surrounding skin. They present as small red tender bumps. A pimple (pustule) is a papule with a centre of pus. Whiteheads (closed comedones) and blackheads (open comedones) are non-inflammatory and caused…