Pyunkang Yul

PYUNKANG YUL is the brand launched by the renowned Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic, an institution well-known for treating atopic skin disorders. Pyunkang Yul have opted to remove all unnecessary chemical substances from their products to utilize only the minimum, safest components to protect and provide respite to your tired and irritated skin.

  • Pyunkang Yul Calming Low pH Foaming Cleanser
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    Pyunkang Yul Calming Low pH Foaming Cleanser

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Calming Low pH Foaming Cleanser claims to be a self-foaming cleanser specially formulated for sensitive skin. It contains 5 kinds of centella asiatica extract for soothing, botanical extracts for balance and shine control plus mild AHA exfoliation.     the science Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate (DLS), is a sulfate free, gentle cleansing agent that can lift oils and dirt from the skin as well as boost foam. It has a larger molecular size than most surfactants which makes it gentler because it doesn’t readily penetrate as deeply, thus reducing the possibility of irritation. Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate and Coco-glucoside are gentle cleansing agents derived from coconut which…

  • Pyunkang Yul Calming Moisture Barrier Cream
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    Pyunkang Yul Calming Moisture Barrier Cream

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Calming Moisture Barrier Cream claims to calm and moisturise sensitive skin, leaving it soothed and supple with the help of centella asiatica, tea tree and honeysuckle flower extracts while also reinforcing the moisture barrier with ceramide.     the science Centella Asiatica Extract features as the star soothing ingredient in the formulation, accompanied by it’s four components, Madecassoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiaticoside, Asiatic Acid. Traditionally used in Asian medicine for its healing ability, it’s a diverse ingredient offering anti-inflammatory benefits to ease irritation and acne while restorative behaviour stimulates new cell growth, builds collagen and improves circulation. Supporting this function with excellent antioxidant content and soothing…

  • Pyunkang Yul Calming Deep Moisture Toner
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    Pyunkang Yul Calming Deep Moisture Toner

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Calming Deep Moisture Toner is formulated for acne prone skin to soothe with centella asicatica, control excessive sebum production with willow bark extract, hydrate with five weights of Hyalyronic Acid and gently exfoliate with AHA and PHA.     the science Two exfoliating agents are employed by this toner. Gluconolactone is a Polyhydroxy Acid that functions like an AHA (eg. glycolic acid) but is far gentler due to a larger molecular structure and hence inability to penetrate the skin as deeply. According to dermatologist Dr. Rubin, reduced absorption only barely reduces effectiveness (around 6%). Willow Bark Extract contains salicylic acid, a BHA and natural exfoliant…

  • Pyunkang Yul Calming Mask Pack
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    Pyunkang Yul Calming Mask Pack

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Calming Mask Pack is made from bamboo fibre and is said to soothe sensitive skin with Tea Tree, Centella Asiatica and Honeysuckle Flower extracts and strengthen the skin barrier with Ceramide NP. A slightly acidic essence ensures a pH index compatible with healthy skin.     the science Bamboo Water is packed with amino acids and flavonoids and also provides antioxidant protection against UV radiation. It helps to reinforce the moisture barrier, and in doing so, reduces bacteria penetrating to additionally improve acne and recover damaged skin. This function is supported by soothing star, Centella Asiatica Extract, traditionally used in Asian medicine for its healing…

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    Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream is a luxuriously thick and smooth moisturizer that melts into skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Safe and gentle, this nutrient-rich cream delivers intense hydration that lasts all day. Perfect for those with parched, rough and dull looking skin, it prevents signs of aging, improves elasticity and boosts skin with youthful radiance.     the science Represented at the highest concentration in the formula is Astragalus Membranaceus (Milk Vecht) Root Extract which has been used in eastern medicine for thousands of years as a tonic and antipathogen. This extract is able to revitalise the skin by reducing inflammation, improving circulation and providing antibacterial…

  • oil,  Pyunkang Yul

    Pyunkang Yul Oil

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Oil claims to be a quickly absorbed, light weight natural oil blend of 7 plants to provides gentle yet intense hydration.     the science Dominating the Pyunkang Yul Oil formula are oils that resemble human sebum for fast and deep absorption without clogging pores or leaving greasy residue. High levels of fatty acids allow them to retain and enhance skin moisture and decrease transepidermal water loss to keep skin soft and supple. These include emollient oils from Jojoba and Sunflower Seeds.   Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antifungal properties in Lavender Oil make it a nourishing and hydrating treatment for problem skin as well as imparting…

  • Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule
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    Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule claims to be a high-potency moisture booster that calms, smooths and destresses skin for a glowing complexion.     the science In a sophisticated and innovative product comprising a waterless formula of only 6 ingredients, Coptis Japonica Root Extract, also known as Japanese Goldthread, is present at a concentration of 91% and is the only active in the Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule. High in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Japanese Goldthread exhibits soothing effects to the skin which is why it is often cultivated for medicinal purposes and used to treat skin disorders. It has a cooling sensation that helps to decrease skin temperature…

  • Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam
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    Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam is said to be a vacuum cleanser for the pores. The dense but gentle foam adheres strongly to waste and sebum to lift and remove for clean skin without drying.     the science The star active ingredient in Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam is Siler Root Extract which has been used traditionally for centuries in Chinese herbal medicine. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties deliver healing effects so it has been useful for treating contact dermatitis and allergic skin reactions. It also helps to control oil production. Next in concentration is Glycerin. Together with Beeswax, they deliver much required humectant properties to ensure the…

  • Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream
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    Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream is a powerfully effective daily moisturizer for all skin types, especially those with sensitive, acne-prone or oily skin. Formulated with safe and gentle ingredients free of fragrance and artificial dyes, it goes on smoothly, absorbs easily, providing a soft and supple finish without feeling greasy or sticky.     the science Once again delivering a product with a non-diluted formulation containing more actives, Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream is concentrated with their trademark star ingredient, Coptis Japonica Root Extract, also known as Goldthread. It is an Asian herb cultivated to answer medicinal needs and often used to treat skin disorders. Goldthread is high in…

  • Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum
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    Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum

    the claim The Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum aims to deliver the optimum moisture/oil balance for a healthy complexion and calming/cooling effect whilst also providing deep hydration.     the science Staying true to their belief that less is more, the moisture serum by Pyunkang Yul includes a minimum of gentle ingredients, free of fillers, fragrance/colour additives and texture enhancers for maximum effect.   The hero ingredient of the serum is Coptis Japonica Root Extract, an Asian herb usually cultivated for medicinal purposes. It displays antioxidant and anti-inflammatory behaviours and has proven successful for treating skin disorders. This is combined with Olive Oil which offers deep hydration to the skin and…