Since inception in 2007, Naturallogic has been a pioneer in high-performance holistic skin care. Inspired by an instinctive understanding that natural beauty and radiance are born out of well-being, consciously designed through over a decade and a half of research and development, and finding the intersection where Nature and Science meet and collaborate, our transformative synergies visibly and sensorially perform while encouraging a deeper connection to self and to Nature.

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    Naturallogic Be Drunken

    An iconic mask and nourishing serum from Naturallogic, Boxwalla presents the Be Drunken beauty box. Note, this box is now sold out, however, you can still buy these two gems individually.   About the Brand With the motto, Holistic by nature. High-performance by design, it’s not surprising to learn that the name Naturallogic is inspired by “Divine Proportion”, the mathematical ratio that Nature uses to intelligently design life.  Launched in 2007, Naturallogic is inspired by natural beauty, conscious design through meticulous research and development and a mission to find the sweet spot between nature and science for perfect efficacy. Aiming to create multi-functional, nutrient rich, sensorially elegant and uplifting formulas…