Cruelty-free, Korean brand COMMLEAF utilizes EWG-verified and naturally derived ingredients that have passed skin irritation testing. The brand develops universal products that maintain the skin's natural balance regardless of skin type.

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    Commleaf Skin Relief Moisture Cream

    the claim The Commleaf Skin Relief Moisture Cream claims to be soft textured and bursting with hydration. It melts beautifully to form a protective barrier that soothes sensitive and damaged skin.     the science Dominating the formula is a big hit of Glycerin, a humectant that is capable of drawing water to the skin to keep it looking fresh and plump. Butylene Glycol supports this function while also promoting good absorption for the actives in the formula. Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer is just a common polymer with glycerin attached to it. It’s purpose is to form a hydrogel that will sit on the surface of the skin to provide…

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    Commleaf Skin Relief Perfect Cleansing Oil

    the claim The Commleaf Skin Relief Perfect Cleansing Oil is an EWG verified gentle yet powerful cleansing oil infused with 80% plant based oils to remove makeup and impurities while maintaining moist and soft skin.     the science Vegetable oils make up 80% of the formula, Olive Oil at the highest concentration. Olive oil is a brilliant moisturiser and softener, able to penetrate deep into the skin to provide hydration and conditioning without blocking pores. It’s also a source of antioxidants, Vitamins A and E neutralising free radicals that damage collagen and cause skin dryness and wrinkles. From a cleansing perspective, Olive Oil is effective at breaking down waxy…

  • Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask
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    Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask

    the claim The Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask comprises rose extract and rose water to soothe, whiten and hydrate skin for a revilatized complexion.     the science Rose Flower Water is simply water scented or distilled with essential oil from the Rose plant (the hydrosol is steam distilled and more potent in delivering benefits). It exhibits soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for sensitive skin or that suffering acne, redness and irritation. The formula contains a substantial concentration of 75% rose water. Next in strength is Butylene Glycol, second on the ingredient list. This assists to increase the effectiveness of other ingredients as well as thin the formula’s consistency. It…

  • Commleaf Rose Blooming Mist
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    Commleaf Rose Blooming Mist

    the claim The Commleaf Rose Blooming Mist claims to be a moist and matte mist that corrects a balance of moisture and oil.     the science After water, Butylene Glycol is highest in concentration in the formula. This assists to increase the effectiveness of other ingredients as well as thin the formula’s consistency. It also displays humectant properties, helping to draw moisture from the air back into the skin cells, adding support to more prominent humectants such as Glycerin and Betaine. Vitamin B5, Panthenol, is an effective skin penetrator, able to reach into the lower layers for deep skin cell absorption and effective moisturisation.It may possibly also provide anti-inflammatory…

  • Commleaf Rose Moisture Pads
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    Commleaf Rose Moisture Pad

    the claim The Commleaf Rose Moisture Pad claims to be an essence soaked pad that invigorates and vitalizes tired skin.     the science The essence within these pads is water free and dominated by Propolis Extract which is basically a combination of beeswax, enzymes and tree sap used by bees to seal, disinfect and waterproof their hive. It has been used medicinally to help heal wounds for centuries. Rich in flavonoids, propolis displays powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Its high antioxidant content assists to keep free radicals from causing cell damage. It works to regenerate and moisturize skin, helping make it smooth, supple and hydrated. It also assists…