SU:M37° harnesses the power of natural fermentation into skincare.

  • Su:m37 Secret Essence
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    Su:m37° Secret Essence

    the claim Enriched with fermented extracts from over 80 plants, the Su:m37° Secret Essence transforms skin to give it a smooth, baby-like softness. It is said to hydrate, tone, soothe and leave skin feeling revitalised and glowing.     the science It’s not exactly a short ingredient list although not unexpected given the product boasts over 80 fermented botanical extracts. I counted 115 ingredients in total.   Fermentation increases the potency of ingredients by breaking them down into a smaller molecular size for easier absorption into the skin. Fermentation adds microorganisms that release enzymes to achieve this. It also introduces amino acids, organic acids and antioxidants to optimise product benefits…

  • Su:m37 Skin Saver Pure Effect Foam Cleanser
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    Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam

    the claim The creamy Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam claims to thoroughly remove pore waste and makeup residue leaving clear and moist skin.     the science This is a first! I was unable to locate an ingredient list on the packaging, the brand’s website nor stockist websites. As such, I contacted the Singapore Su:m37° office requesting the full product composition. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any reply. As such, this review is purely based on performance without an ingredient assessment.     the ingredients Not available.     the packaging The Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam is presented in a plastic tube featuring a removable screw…

  • Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick
    second cleanse,  Su:m37°

    Su:m37° Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

    the claim The Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick by Su:m37° claims to generate plenty of foam and remove waste without skin irritation, leaving the skin soft.   the science Su:m37° is a premium skincare brand in Korea whose products incorporate a high content of natural ingredients. They specialize in fermented skincare, hence the 37 in their name, representative of the ideal fermentation temperature. Fermentation is said to increase the potency of the ingredients and in doing so deliver a more effective product.   The formula is rich in natural oils which include orange, lime and lemon peel oils, green tea and apricot seed oils plus coconut, basil, ylang ylang flower, marjoram,…