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My skin is combination, aging and relatively problem free. I am in my 40s and as such what I seek from a product, how it behaves and how I respond to it will be different to that of someone half my age. This should be considered when perusing the blog, to frame my reviews in the correct context.

the advice

Advice should only ever be sought from a medical practitioner. The content provided in this blog reflects my understanding of skincare and my personal experience with each product. It is for general information purposes only and not to be considered advice. If trying any of the products reviewed on my blog, please adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings and seek medical advice as required.

The content is researched primarily from online resources and its integrity is dependent on their accuracy. Although care is taken to present information that is factual, there are no guarantees that it is correct, complete or current.

Furthermore, I am not able to provide or perform consultations. Although I am willing to offer my feedback to questions and concerns, it is not to be considered a professional response and must be taken in the nature with which it was intended, not unlike a casual discussion with a friend.

the reviews

The reviews on this site are unpaid unless stipulated otherwise within the specific post. I personally purchase all the products I choose to review. However, sometimes, manufacturers or their representatives may provide their products to me for my assessment. In such cases, this is clearly declared within the associated post.

All reviews are a true representation of my personal opinions and in no way influenced by any third party such as a manufacturer, stockist/supplier, affiliate or advertiser.

Please contact CLAY + essence for a Media Kit and sponsored post rates.

the affiliations

Affiliations are established with the following companies however, these do not influence my reviews. The integrity of this site is of the upmost importance and as such, my reviews remain unbiased and a true reflection of my experience with the product.

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CLAY + essence maintains full copyright of all content on this website. None of the content including all images and text may be reproduced, stored, reposted or copied in whole or part without written consent. To obtain permission to reproduce any part of this blog, please contact me at

I have made every effort to credit references and sources where applicable.

the comments

Comments are always welcome on this blog however, I ask that they please be respectful of me and the product or brand in question. Please do not post any comment that may be considered offensive or in breach of any copyright laws. Comments deemed offensive, obscene or unnecessarily rude will be deleted at my discretion. Continuous posting of inappropriate comments will warrant user blocking.