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"Strong, confident women: That’s where we come from. That’s who we’re raising. That’s what we want to bring to the world." COAST SYDNEY BOTANICALS strives to bring real beauty through confidence achieved by naturally beautiful skin that makes you light up from inside.

  • Coast Sydney Botanicals Nephelium Strengthen 2
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    Coast Sydney Botanicals Nephelium Strengthen 2

    the claim The Coast Sydney Botanicals Nephelium Strengthen 2 claims to be a highly concentrated strengthening skin booster with the texture of a lotion. Combining eastern ingredients with western technology, 2% Nephelium extract upon which this product is based is said to reduce fine lines plus smooth and tighten skin after 28 days of use.     the science In a formula free of water, Camomile Hydrosol is found at the highest concentration. Camomile flowers are used to produce a gentle distillate. The resultant hydrosol exhibits anti-inflammatory and soothing properties so is a perfect choice for inflamed, acneic or generally problem skin. It sets the base for a relatively short…