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Originally a beauty research and manufacturing company, MAY COOP's founders discovered maple tree sap's nourishing properties and use this as the star ingredient in its skincare line.

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    May Coop Raw Sauce

    the claim the claim the science the science Maple Tree Sap Maple Tree Sap Arginine Arginine Creatine Creatine Fructan Powder Fructan Powder aloe vera Sea Water is packed with minerals including magnesium (anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial), calcium (cell growth and regulation) and potassium (cell function and water retention). Its absorption power helps to extract toxins on the skin including acne causing bacteria. Natural moisture reducing abilities can also help to regulate the overproduction of oil that leads to clogged pores. Sea Water Sea Water Packed with botanical extracts, Raw Sauce displays antioxidant strength from Chestnut Bark, Grape as well as Black Currant Extracts, the latter carrying four times the amount of Vitamin…

  • May Coop Raw Activator
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    May Coop Raw Activator

    the claim The May Coop Raw Activator is a concentrated serum formulated with 80% maple water, mushrooms, peptides and ceramides to improve elasticity plus firm, smooth and soften skin.     the science The star ingredient in the entire May Coop Raw range is Maple Tree Sap. In this serum, it features at a huge concentration of 80% within a waterless formula. The key feature of this inclusion is its ability to absorb easily and hydrate deeply due to its molecular size. Sap molecules are even smaller than those of water. Additionally, it delivers anti-ageing benefits due to amino peptides and antioxidants in its composition which help to rejuvenate the…