Hello, and welcome to CLAY + essence, brought to you from beautiful Melbourne, Australia, the coffee capital of the world. And yes, coffee is another of my favourite things. Wherever you are and whatever your drink of choice, make yourself one, sit back and have a browse.

My objective as its author is to explore and share my skincare findings and in the process, perhaps generate some discussion.  I am a skin enthusiast and not a skincare expert or professional. Please read this blog in context with the disclaimer. We consider what we eat and drink but less so what we apply to our faces. The skin health of my three daughters inspired me to search for products that genuinely care for skin.

I encourage you to comment on posts in a constructive manner.  What you contribute doesn’t have to be agreeable, but I ask that it please be respectful.

So come with me, share your stories, advice, recommendations and submit comments and questions and hopefully gain something from this forum in the process.



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