In 2007, SUKIN was launched in Melbourne, Australia, after identifying a gap in the market for high efficacy, environmentally sustainable and affordable natural skincare. Sukin utilises an abundance of beautiful botanicals, antioxidants and essential oils to restore the natural vitality and radiance of your skin and hair.

  • Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque
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    Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque

    the claim The Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to detox and brighten the complexion and minimise the appearance of fine lines without drying. Skin is replenished, contributing towards a youthful glow.     the science Typical players in a clay mask, Kaolin and Bentonite feature strongly in the formulation. Together they deliver a super detoxifying effect with their absorption capabilities, able to draw out impurities, excess oil and dirt to achieve clear skin and clean pores. This makes them ideal for oily and acne-prone skin types. Cetyl and Cetearyl Alcohols are non-irritating and non-drying displaying emollient and occlusive properties. They also assist to keep the…