iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner
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iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner

the claim

The iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner claims to be a moisturising toner that soothes skin while also controlling excess sebum and pore problems.
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner

the science

The iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner comprises 70% Damask Rose Flower Water which brings antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-ageing qualities to the product, giving it soothing and healing properties in addition to protecting it from free radical damage. Together with Rose Oil, they moisturise the skin. The resultant improved hydration can assist to prevent excess oil production while an ideal rose pH (almost identical to human skin) assures skin balancing and an intact acid mantle.

10% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate is vital to oil control. It has been shown to improve large pores, acne and blackheads by controlling the amount of sebum produced. It can also have a mild brightening effect.

Next in concentration, Butylene Glycol assists to increase the penetration of other ingredients and hence boost their effectiveness. It also helps to draw moisture from the air back into the skin cells, adding support to more prominent humectants such as Glycerin and Pentylene Glycol. Sodium Hyaluronate helps to hydrate the skin through an ability to bind to water and fill the spaces between connective skin fibres, achieving a plumping effect. Similarly, Allantoin is included for its water-retention capacity, providing skin replenishing benefits. Enhancing soothing and skin-restoring is Adenosine which additionally brings proven anti-wrinkle strength due to its ability to energize the skin’s surface, helping it to look smoother and younger. This is the key ingredient included to support claims of wrinkle improvement.

Exotic botanical extracts also play their part. Pomegranate Extract is high in antioxidants, particularly Vitamin C. It can help to accelerate soothing and healing as well as extend the life of Fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin for an overall firmer and healthy complexion. Potent antioxidant strength and an anti-collagenase effect on wrinkled skin brings Fig Extract to the formula. Studies have shown that fig extract can decrease melanin, trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and sebum production, simultaneously increasing hydration. Able to improve the look of uneven skin tone, Mulberry Extract displays brightening properties as well as boosting antioxidant content. Ginko Extract protects from environmental stressors through antioxidants. It is also a natural cleanser, beneficial for easing and purifying clogged pores and oily skin. Rooibos Tea Extract is a flavonoid rich antioxidant powerhouse. It also exhibits antibacterial properties so is an effective acne defense. Its hypoallergenic nature also means it is soothing and calming on the skin. Glycyrrhizin provides Licorice Root Extract with the ability to combat skin disorders and soothe irritation. It’s also shown effectiveness at decreasing dark spots and blemishes when used consistently due to the presence of Glabridin, a lightening agent. Furthermore, the Licochalcone in licorice helps to regulate the skin’s oil production, making it a useful acne treatment.

the ingredients

Rosa Damascena Flower Water (70%), Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (10%), Butylene Glycol, Water, Glycerin, Glycereth-26, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Caprylyl Glycol, Allantoin, Punica Granatum Fruit (Pomegranate) Extract, Adenosine, Ficus Carica (Fig) Fruit Extract, Morus Alba Fruit (Mulberry) Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Nut Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Rose Flower Oil, Pentylene Glycol, Aspalathus Linearis (Rooibos Tea) Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner Ingredients

the packaging

The iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner is presented in a tall cylindrical clear plastic bottle with controlled dispenser opening and screw top plastic lid. When received, it was wrapped in a cling plastic to prevent spillage.
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner Cling Wrap
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner Dispenser and Lid
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner Opening

the analysis

Ideal assessments are returned by both the CosDNA and EWG resources, rating the iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner a low hazard without warning flags.
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner CosDNA Analysis

the application

After cleansing, wet cotton pad with toner and sweep upwards and outwards all over face. Alternatively, dispense directly into palms of hands and gently pat into skin. Follow with the rest of your skin care steps.

the scent

The iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner has an anticipated distinct rose scent.

the cost

A 200ml bottle of the iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner sells for AUD$36.00.

the availability

iUNIK products are available at Korean skincare boutiques. I received mine directly from the brand.

the expiry

The toner appears to have a three year shelf life. I couldn’t find any use duration after opening but assume the regular 12 months applies.
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner Expiry

the performance

Sleek, minimalist branding assures this tall plastic, transparent bottle is elegantly presented. The dropper dispenser opening allows controlled portions and hygienic use. The toner viscosity and appearance are water like, lacking any body. Given the high percentage of damask rose water, it’s no surprise that the toner retains such a scent. It’s natural, pleasant but fairly strong, although it dissipates immediately after absorption which happens quite quickly.
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner Texture
I apply this immediately after cleansing. On alternate nights, it follows an acid toner. Throughout my trial, I used the Neogen Milk-to-Foam Coconut Milk Cleanser and the Leegeehaam Tea Tree 70 BHA acid toner. It slipped in seamlessly to my routine. The excellent CosDNA and EWG assessments assure it will suit all skin types, although it should be noted that there is a small amount of rose essential oil in the composition. It’s very gentle on the skin, feeling and behaving much like it looks… like water. This toner seeps in easily and leaves no noticeable residue, the skin remaining matte. There is no tackiness or stickiness. It feels nice and provided the rose smell doesn’t bother you, it’s very easy to wear.

I have combination skin, increased oil often observed around the T-zone. I wanted to try this product to see if its sebum balancing claims are true and to observe potential improvements in pore cleansing, whiteheads and blackheads. BHA is used for the same reason, so I hoped this would give me a boost defending these skin imperfections between acid toner applications.

Although I have read many people state they use this for the 7-skin-method, I find the sweetness of the rose scent a bit too much for so many layers and prefer to use no more than 2-3 within a regular routine. A clean and short ingredient list certainly promotes multi skins for those that way inclined.

Within the routine, I normally apply it with my hands directly onto the skin (no cotton pad swipe). However, I have also been using this as a refresher, much like the Commleaf Rose Moisture Pads whenever I feel the need during the day. In this instance, I soak a cotton round with the toner and swipe it over my (makeup free) face. It achieves a similar result, (down to the rose scent), to the dedicated moisture pads at a fraction of the price, (the pre-soaked Commleaf pads costing around US$1.20 each). So, although I don’t normally apply toners in this way, I have really enjoyed this occasional variation. It’s more or less the equivalent of applying a toner in the mist form throughout the day. Of course, the swiping action restricts use to makeup free days and requires reapplication of sunscreen. I guess you could also siphon it into a bottle but I already have sufficient mist options available. Adding this as a step during the day, gives the toner’s pore cleansing and oil balance capability the chance to be clearly demonstrated.
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner
So to the results. Well, I found this hydrated my skin quite well. It wasn’t plumped in moisture but it was a significantly satisfying layer that contributed to the overall moisture level of my skin. It was pleasant to use with both a cotton pad and directly with the hands. Regarding my oil balance, I think this went a long way towards neutralizing my T-zone, particularly when used more often than just morning and evening routines. There was no build up of oil around my nostrils which tends to be the biggest offender of excessive oil production. My face remained satisfyingly matte throughout the day.

As for acne, I can only speak for black and whiteheads that I usually suffer around the tops of my cheeks (I rarely get pimples or inflamed acne). I think in combination with the BHA toner that I use 3-4 times a week, the pair make a good defense for blocked pores. I didn’t notice much difference when I used this alone.

iUNIK recommends this for oily, dehydrated and sensitive skin types. Mine is combination and I enjoyed using it. With such a gentle formulation, I see no reason why anyone whose not sensitive to the rose scent couldn’t use this effectively, although I think oilier complexions would see the most benefit.
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner

the conclusion

The iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner hydrates well but not more so than many other hydrating toners. However, in combination with its ability to better balance facial oils, it can become a valuable step for oilier complexions.
iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner 

the summary

Pros Cons
Elegant, hygienic packaging Only available online for Australians
No added synthetic fragrance Contains potentially sensitizing essential rose oil
Effectively contributes hydration Strong scent
Absorbs quickly without residue
Helps to balance facial oils
Suits all skin types, but particularly good for normal-to-oily complexions


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the disclaimer

Please read in context with my disclaimer.
This product was provided to me free of charge by iUNIK for review. This post only includes my honest opinion and experience of this product and is in no way influenced by iUNIK, any of its representatives or any other third party.


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