Self Care

The Importance of Self-Care

Finding joy in the little things

Lockdowns, fear and uncertainty have become the norm as we navigate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic. Little things can often have the biggest impact when it comes to maintaining good mental, emotional and physical health during such challenging times. Personally, this translates to reducing the amount of news coverage I follow, practising mindfulness, good diet and exercise (I try!) and doing things that genuinely bring me joy.
One of my passions is of course skincare which is currently doing a lot more than just hydrating, smoothing and firming!

Getting the most from your routine

I’ve been practicing Korean skincare for several years. My routines are multi-layered which for me promotes relaxation as well as benefits my skin.


Cleansing my face at night washes away the day’s impurities while also helping to clear my busy mind. It’s like a little bit of tension is released with each layer that’s removed while everything applied thereafter delivers a sense of comfort and confidence. Focusing on the present moment using things we love and enjoy without thoughts of tomorrow or yesterday and what needs to be fixed, is very powerful. Whatever your passion, I hope that enjoying some “me” time, even for just a few minutes every day, gives you the same satisfaction.
Double Cleansing

Enjoy a facial massage

I always start my PM routine with a double cleanse. I like to massage cleansing oil into my skin with my hands for around 10 minutes, finishing briefly with the Meejee to further purify pores. I’ve found this process effectively eliminates whiteheads as well as reducing the size and frequency of blackheads and pimples. I then flip the Meejee around and use the massage side to relax facial muscles before emulsifying, rinsing and moving on. Alternatively, massaging serums and moisturising oils into the face can be equally therapeutic.

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Facial Oils for Massage

Pamper yourself

Masking can mirror the decadence of a spa treatment at home. Applying a mask achieves a sense of pampering. When I feel like indulging, I multi-mask! I apply up to three masks in one session, (any combination of wash off masks, scrubs and sheets). My skin feels amazing afterwards and I’m usually totally relaxed too.
Pamper yourself by multi-masking

Treating annoying breakouts

Breakouts seem to be more common these days due to mandatory mask wearing, otherwise known as maskne. I incorporate products with ingredients like Niacinamide, Ceramides and Salicylic Acid into my routine to build a good defence against acne. These inhibit bacteria by improving skin barrier resilience and pore health. I also keep a few products on hand with soothing ingredients for skin repair such as Centella Asiatica, Propolis and Snail Mucin. Pimple patches and spot treatments can also come in handy to conquer blemishes.
Skin strengthening and repair

Body & hair care

Care doesn’t stop at the face. The body routine doesn’t have to be long or laborious either. Showering with a skin loving wash followed by a hydrating moisturiser or body oil is often all that’ s required to keep skin healthy and nourished. Just like the face, you can add a scrub or body mask every now and then to keep skin polished and have you feeling good from top to toe.
Similarly, treatments such as scalp scrubs can help hair feel weightless by removing product build up and debris. A hair mask will nourish at a deeper level than a regular conditioner while oils can help to maintain shine and softness. It all helps to make us feel good about ourselves.
Hair and body care

the takeaway

The circumstances we face each day aren’t always in our control. It’s important to take care of ourselves on a daily basis, try to stay positive and retain hope of better days ahead. Whatever your passion, nurture it and it will help you cope with the challenges life brings. Every little bit helps.

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