A Kairos Moment Capsule Collection
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Lepaar – A Kairos Moment Capsule Collection

I was recently privileged to receive a trio of LEPAAR products entitled, A Kairos Moment Capsule Collection, from Boxwalla. The set exemplifies the magic of slow, soulful skincare. The sentiment alone makes me melt! Read on and see why this one-off, limited edition (non-subscription) purchase is worth the investment.

About the Brand

Founders, Johanna & Christo, are the ultimate story tellers and free spirits, driven by passion, celestial energy, nature and sustainability and educated by experience and tradition. Their union is a representation of refinement and spirit which also happens to be the story behind this wholistic luxury brand whose objective is to achieve effective products that generate a graceful journey to nurture mind, body and soul. The below is an excerpt from their website.

Things of quality, beauty and function. Imbued with celestial energy, ancestral knowledge, and respect for Nature. Made with minimum intervention processes that draw from the whole, in ways that are natural, sustainable and ethical.

Sunshine sings + Moonlight dances! Christo + Johanna

A Kairos Moment Capsule Collection

I have taken this straight from the Lepaar website as their words are just perfect.

Kairos Time – as opposed to Chronos time, is non-linear. Kairos time does not get measured, nor runs to schedules. It’s the cyclic time of the soul, the divine sparks of new directions, aha-moments of insights, transformative decisions, inspired creations, and floating idleness. Kairos moments arise in stillness and appear in the eye of storms. When our chronos-bound ego falters, when we surrender our self to Nature, it finds the openings and pours light into the cracks, illuminating new possibilities and shining the way. Kairos moments are transcendental, magical.

I created these vivid compositions in our very own Kairos moment in 2020, when time stood still for all of us. And in that elastic pause between inhale and exhale we got to play, explore and make some skincare magic.

Our Ode to Now.

Lepaar Oils

I love the stories behind each of these amazing oils from Lepaar. With just one use, it’s clear that the founders, Johanna & Christo Everingham put passion and life experience into their luxury creations to delight mind, body and spirit.

The scent of each of these oil blends is created without essential oils and yet still manages to pleasantly intoxicate and transport. The full ingredient list is shown on the brand’s website, inclusive of source and status (eg organic, wildcrafted etc). Bottles are made of patented UV light filtering Miron glass with recycled paper labels. Adding to the charm of this brand, they follow ancient apothecary tradition by purifying them with Myrrh and Frankincense smoke prior to filling in order to boost product longevity and bestow genius of spirit. Pretty cool right?

ELASTIC LOVE Firming Face & Neck Oil

According to Lepaar, ELASTIC LOVE “symbolises the invisible ties that forever connect the hearts and souls of lovers, family and friends, the magic glue that holds us together, forever.”

In doing so, it claims to rapidly tighten skin and bestow buoyant resilience – especially on neck and around jowls. As such, this is particularly suited to those with mature, sagging, tired or collagen depleted skin. Lepaar describes the scent of this one as a Ribena-juice aroma. Subtle but delicious.


SMOOTH OPERATOR Unfolding Face & Eye Balsam

Claims to plump the skin, smooth lines, maintain hyaluronic acids, stabilise collagen and brighten eyes.

Slowing down time by relaxing lines, smoothing surfaces and softening edges, this one is an ode to my other passion, coffee! An homage to Paul Geshos of sustainable, ethical Mecca Coffee, both the ‘silver skin’ coffee husk and dried ‘Cascara’ coffee cherry are by-products of Paul’s artisanal coffee which the founders phoenix as SMOOTH OPERATOR.

With coffee at the forefront, aromatic, sultry fragrant tones in this one include Chocolate. Mocca, Chai and Vanilla.

SUMMER WINE Even Tone Antioxidant Shield

Helping to combat pollution, fade pigmentation, accelerate cell turn over and calm inflammation, this antioxidant powerhouse is a celebration of a very good year for the makers, capturing memories of days in the sun and nights sipping wine.

Inclusive of everything needed to protect and recover skin, it’s suited to all skin types, and will especially benefit those with uneven tone, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Aromatic tones in this one include raisin, summer fruit, herbaceous lift, a hint of cinnamon, strawberry and faint vanilla.

Lepaar Summer Wine

I’ve worked my way through these, using them twice daily and each seems better than the last. Their textures, scents and absorption are totally delightful and their efficacy, as promised. My skin looks fresher, bouncier, healthier, softer and younger after using these over the last few months. A brilliant way to start and end the day.

I urge you to browse the Lepaar website and read the magical stories behind each luxurious blend. It’s so much more than just skincare….


Please read in context with my disclaimer. These products were provided to me free of charge by Boxwalla without obligation. This post only includes my honest opinion and experience of this brand and is in no way influenced by LEPAAR, Boxwalla, product suppliers, representatives or any other third party.

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