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Blithe Patting Splash Mask

the claim

The Blithe Patting Splash Mask is an in-shower treatment that promises to smooth, refresh and brighten skin in just 15 seconds. It delivers traditional moisturizing benefits with gentle exfoliation.
Blithe Patting Splash Mask

the ingredients

Water, Lactic Acid, Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Fruit Extract, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugarcane) Extract, PPG-26-Buteth-26, 1,2-Hexanediol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol, Dextrin, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Butylene Glycol, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Flower Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract, Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract (1000ppm), Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Leaf Extract
Blithe Patting Splash Mask Ingredients
There is a little citrus extract in the formula which may bother sensitive skin, but otherwise, CosDNA returns a safe formulation.
Blithe Patting Splash Mask CosDNA Analysis

the science

The primary active in this mask is Lactic Acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, second only to water in the formula. Milder than its counterparts, it’s a multi-benefit ingredient that makes a great treatment for hyperpigmentation, age spots, fine lines plus generally dull and uneven tone. First and foremost, lactic acid exfoliates the skin, helping to slough away dead and dull cells to reveal a smoother, brighter surface and in doing so, accelerates cell turnover. It additionally improves the skin’s natural moisturising factor, ensuring it’s also well hydrated. Stimulating collagen renewal, lactic acid can achieve firmer, less pigmented skin over the long term. Support is contributed by Sugar Maple Extract which contains natural AHAs (malic and tartaric acids).
Tee Tree Oil  is an essential oil with a fresh camphor scent derived from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, native to Australia. Aborigines have been using its healing qualities for thousands of years. Due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal properties, it has been typically used in low concentrations to treat conditions such as acne and skin infections. Its ability to remove excess oils by pushing out stale sebum deep within pores prevents blackheads and acne forming. Furthermore, natural astringent properties are also said to diminish the appearance of large pores.
Blithe Patting Splash Mask
Present are botanical extracts that contribute antioxidant and soothing properties. Similar to blueberries in both colour and effect, Bilberry is one of the best antioxidant sources which also delivers calming benefits. Applied to skin, it provides a competent defense against redness. Another potent antioxidant is Green Tea.
Helping to control oil production, improve acne, brighten and unclog pores with antimicrobial and astringent qualities are Lemon and Orange Extracts plus Lavender Oil, the latter also responsible for a natural, calming fragrance and anti-inflammatory effects. Gardenia and Wintergreen Leaf Extracts further enhance scent.
Notable ingredients that add or trap moisture to the skin include Sugarcane Extract, Sodium Lactate, Panthenol and Safflower Extract.

the packaging

The mask comes in a green tinted plastic bottle with screw top lid. When new, it has a plastic stopper over the opening to keep the product fresh and prevent accidental spillage.
Blithe Patting Splash Mask Packaging

the application

Fill a bowl with about 23oz (680ml) of lukewarm water and add a capful of product. Splash and pat onto the face for 15 seconds, then gently pat dry with a towel. Alternatively, pour a capful into hands and splash onto face while diluting with shower water. Pat into face for 15 seconds.
Can be used morning or evening, 1-2 times a week. It’s recommended you follow with SPF during the day since exfoliation can make skin more sun sensitive.

the cost

A 150ml bottle of the Blithe Patting Splash Mask costs around USD$29 (correct at time of publishing).

the availability

This is available from several reputable Korean skincare suppliers including Style Korean and Yes Style. It comes in three varieties.
Blithe Patting Splash Mask
All three promote removal of dead cells and impurities for a brighter complexion. Each has a focused additional benefit. The yellow Citrus & Honey is high in vitamin C, comprising 60% natural lemon and honey extracts for a clearer complexion, ideal for acne prone skin. The purple Rejuvenating variety suits ageing skin as it helps to restore elasticity and return a youthful appearance. Of course the green Soothing & Healing is suited to more troubled skin calms the skin as outlined in this review.

the expiry

The Blithe Patting Splash Mask has a 2.5 year shelf life and must be used within 6 months of opening.
Blithe Patting Splash Mask Shelf LifeBlithe Patting Splash Mask Expiry

the performance

Firstly, let me say that I have been intrigued by this product for a long time. I’ve probably even been a bit intimidated by it as it’s so different to anything I’ve used before. The concept is innovative even though it was inspired by the traditional Korean bathhouse act of splashing botanical steeped water onto the face to tone and brighten the skin.
I don’t know the concentration of lactic acid but I assume it would be fairly strong since firstly, it’s listed second on the INCI, secondly you have to water the mask down prior to application and finally, recommended use is 1-2 times a week. You don’t use this like a regular acid toner as it’s too intense, so stick to the guidelines to avoid irritation. I would warn against using this in the same routine as any other exfoliant and recommend applying sunscreen during the day since skin is more photosensitive afterwards.
There are two ways to apply it. The first involves diluting it in a basin of water and continuously splashing the resultant solution onto the face for 15 seconds. Alternatively, you can take a half capful in the shower and tap it into a wet face for 15 seconds with the streaming water helping dilution.
Personally, I use the shower method as it’s too messy and time consuming to practice the alternative. A quarter of a capful is about the amount my palm will hold without it escaping so I repeat the patting process twice to avoid losing it down the drain. I use it at night after a double cleanse. When my face is water saturated, I take the mask and rub it between my hands, then start madly patting it onto wet skin. I don’t stand under the shower while doing this to allow the product to work. If there isn’t sufficient water mixed with it, you can feel the acidity although it’s not uncomfortable. Doing it in the shower also means if you apply it too intensely, you can immediately rinse avoiding irritation.
It’s surprisingly gentle, even so, I try to avoid it getting close to the sensitive skin around my eyes. After the patting is complete, I rinse it off under the shower stream and my skin immediately feels smoother, an indication that dead, damaged or flaky cells have been washed away. It’s instant and completely satisfying.
Blithe Patting Splash Mask
Accustomed to acids, I use this 2-3 nights a week, as opposed to the 1-2 times directed. The process becomes routine after the first couple of clumsy efforts. I usually do my second cleanse in the shower and after I step out, regardless of how gentle my cleanser might be, my skin feels a little dry. However, when using this after my second cleanse, that sensation is completely eliminated and I’m not immediately reaching for hydration in the form of mist or toner. So, it definitely hydrates and leaves the skin comfortable and not tight.
To my surprise, this 15 second process really does achieve extremely gentle exfoliation! It brightens the skin although the effect is nothing extraordinary or different to any other resurfacing product. I can’t say the tone enhancement was amazing but there was definitely improvement. The distinct advantage this has over those other products though is that there is no wiping or scrubbing required in order to achieve this, so it’s the gentlest option. As such, it reduces potential for irritation.
The addition of tea tree and citrus extracts makes this green variety most suitable for oily and acne prone skin or those that struggle with blocked pores. However, I think any skin type that needs a little extra care would appreciate it.
Making this part of the shower routine is not difficult and in fact, is actually enjoyable once you get the dispensed amount and method right. The first few times are a learning experience that you can’t avoid no matter how many reviews you read or demonstrations you watch. It does work however so in determining whether or not you need or want this in your routine, consider a few things. Do you want to try it because of the novelty? Do you suffer acne or clogged pores? Does your skin get easily irritated with acid toners you swipe over your face? Are you passionate about k-Beauty trends? If you answered yes to any of these, then I totally recommend you try it.

the conclusion

The Blithe Patting Splash Mask is a great product that takes a little get used to. It offers good hydration while also delivering gentle exfoliation in just seconds. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to explore this splash mask and hope to try the other varieties next.
Blithe Patting Splash Mask

the summary

Pros Cons
Gentle on the skin Only available online for Australians
Works in as little as 15 seconds A bit awkward to use
Visibly brightens skin tone
Maintains good hydration



the references

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the disclaimer

Please read in context with my disclaimer.

This product was provided to me free of charge by Style Korean in exchange for my review. This post only includes my honest opinion and experience of this product and is in no way influenced by Style Korean, Blithe, product suppliers, representatives or any other third party.

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