Creating immunity-boosting skincare, JKOSMMUNE is designed to support and improve skin health while helping to fight the effects of aging.

  • JKosmmune Serum
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    JKosmmune Serum

    the claim The JKosmmune Serum claims to be a lightweight, high-performance serum, fortified with powerful β-glucan that boosts skin immunity and visibly corrects tone for glowing and healthy skin.     the science In a short formula comprising only 7 ingredients, the hero is of course β-Glucan which is basically a polysaccharide sugar derived from various mushrooms, plants, algaes, yeast or oats. Represented at 99.99% purity for maximum potency (5,000 ppm), it is able to stimulate collagen production, accelerate wound repair, soothe and calm irritated and inflamed skin, moisturise and fight the signs of ageing. Its humectant effect is supposedly 20% more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, able to lock in…

  • JKosmmune Enzyme Cleansing Powder
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    JKosmmune Enzyme Cleansing Powder

    the claim The JKosmmune Enzyme Cleansing Powder claims to be a gentle, foaming facial cleanser uniquely formulated with 99.9% pure beta glucan and papaya-derived enzyme.     the science Corn Starch displays similar absorbency properties to talc so is useful for collecting excess oil from the skin and preventing residual shine. It also provides a silky, dry after feel when used in powder based cosmetics. Corn starch has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe itch and calm rashes and burns. Gentle surfactants are next in terms of concentration in the powder wash. These are added for their ability to help water mix with oil and…