Avene Thermal Spring Water
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Avène Thermal Spring Water

the claim

The Avène Thermal Spring Water will cleanse, soothe and calm skin. Avène Thermal Spring Water is particularly recommended for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic or irritated skin. With both health and beauty benefits this product can be used to tone the face as well as soothe, soften and calm inflamed skin.
Avène Thermal Spring Water

the science

A product composed of just two ingredients should be easy enough to analyse, particularly when one, Nitrogen, acts as a propellant, turning the liquid within into tiny particles to create a mist, providing no benefit to the skin. So, the remaining item is simply water. What makes the Avène water so special? To determine that, we have to breakdown its composition. The below summary was downloaded directly from the US Avène website.
Avène Thermal Spring Water Composition
Avène Thermal Spring Water is a combination of rain water and sea spray collected from the Cévennes Mountains in Avène, France. As the water rises to reach the spring, it becomes infused with trace elements, silicates and the ancient microflora Aqua Dolomiae, unique to the region. The name is derived from its meaning: Aqua referring to the thermal water itself, and Dolomiae, the dolomite rock through which it flows underground. This is said to produce the active substances found in the thermal spring water that help it achieve anti-inflammatory properties.

Avène Thermal Spring Water contains high silicate levels, low sodium and mineral levels, an ideal calcium-magnesium ratio of 2 mg/L and a wide variety of trace elements to deliver anti-inflammatory properties to calm, cool and soothe skin. It has a more or less neutral pH of 7.5. High silicate concentrations are believed to improve the pH balance and even condition the skin, resulting in a softening effect. Low mineral content assures a soft, gentle water, less likely to dry out skin or clog pores. Hard water leaves minerals on the skin that then draw away moisture. An ideal calcium-magnesium ratio helps to create an improved skin texture.
Avène Thermal Spring Water

the ingredients

Water, Nitrogen

the packaging

The Avène Thermal Spring Water is presented in a metal can with spray dispenser and protective cap. After packaging, the spray bottle is covered with a hermetic, tamper-evident seal.

the analysis

The analysis proves extremely clean, both the CosDNA and EWG reports, giving this short 2 ingredient formulation a green flag, confirming a gentle product.
Avène Thermal Spring Water Analysis

the application

Hold upright and spray a fine mist onto skin. Leave on for a few minutes then gently pat dry.

According to the Avène US website, the mist can basically be sprayed any time skin needs some relief. More specifically, it can be applied after makeup and hair removal, shaving and post sport as well as when traveling to soothe and calm skin. From a dermatological perspective, it can be sprayed to comfort skin after surgery or to reduce redness, burning and sunburn. Alternatively, the mist is said to improve healing and relief of damaged or irritated skin.

the scent

There is no detectable scent associated with the Avène Thermal Spring Water.

the cost

The Avène Thermal Spring Water is sold in three sizes. The 300ml is AUD$25.99, AUD$19.95 for 150ml and AUD$12.95 for the 50ml bottle.

the availability

Australian customers can find the Avène Thermal Spring Water online or in store at Priceline Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse, Terry White Chemmart and Adore Beauty. Pharmacies sell it internationally.

the expiry

I couldn’t find any indication of expiration on the bottle. I assume the premium air tight packaging prevents degradation and spoiling.
Avène Thermal Spring Water

the hydrotherapy center

Avène’s Hydrotherapy Center treats up to 2,800 patients per year, most being children experiencing severe eczema (atopic dermatitis) with those suffering psoriasis also well represented. It has proven sufficiently successful that the French government provides local patients with full coverage from their national health-care system and encourages them to return to Avène for three consecutive years to increase the likelihood of symptom remission or dramatically reduced flare-ups. So, in discussing this product, let me make it clear that there is strong evidence out there that supports the soothing effects of the Avène springs. This is not in dispute.

However, let’s get some perspective. The patients that attend the Avène Hydrotherapy Center can spend weeks at a time there following a prescribed program that might involve 4-5 daily treatments which may include hydro-massage baths, showers, full body sprays, localised sprays, underwater massages or thermal spring water compresses to name a few. That’s pretty intense. Most will see some level of improvement before they leave.

the performance

The presentation of the thermal water is elegant and effective ensuring the unused portion is protected and the dispensed component fresh. The three different sizes assure handy packaging to satisfy all your needs including purse and travel. It is delightful to apply as the mist is so fine and delicate, it’s instantly refreshing.

I don’t experience any calming or soothing effect from this product. I imagine any reduction in skin temperature could be attributed to the cooling sensation. However, this can be achieved by spraying your face with regular tap water too. Afterwards, once the mist settles and dries, my skin goes right back to how it was before applying the thermal water. So, the cooling is brief and apparently a direct correlation between skin and liquid temperatures, the latter always cooler, therefore responsible for (temporarily) reducing temperature in the former. For example, jumping into a cold swimming pool will also plunge your body temperature. It’s the same principle. Some users have reported refrigerating the thermal spring water to magnify this effect which makes logical sense.

The neutral pH compares with that of regular Melbourne water in which I shower and drink daily. To enhance the skin barrier, pH should be slightly acidic (closer to 5.5-6.0), so although a neutral measure doesn’t degrade it, it would appear it doesn’t strengthen it either. I’m not quite sure why the neutral pH is a feature at all.

the conclusion

Perhaps I don’t have the right skin type to observe any results with this product as mine is combination and quite robust, not sensitive. However, when you compare the depth of treatment received at the Hydrotherapy Clinic with the hit-and-miss nature of a misty spray a few times a day, the experiences are literally world apart. As such, I can’t see how the bottled variety can possibly compare in terms of results. For me, spring water simply provides an immediate cooling effect which can be easily achieved with basic tap water. I like it because it is refreshing but I can’t see how it offers my skin any further benefit.

the summary

Pros Cons
Safe, fragrance free formulation It doesn’t calm my skin
Readily available Cooling sensation is fleeting
Pleasant to use
Well packaged in purse, travel and budget sizes


the references

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the disclaimer

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