Su:m37 Skin Saver Pure Effect Foam Cleanser
second cleanse,  Su:m37°

Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam

the claim

The creamy Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam claims to thoroughly remove pore waste and makeup residue leaving clear and moist skin.
Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam

the science

This is a first! I was unable to locate an ingredient list on the packaging, the brand’s website nor stockist websites. As such, I contacted the Singapore Su:m37° office requesting the full product composition. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any reply. As such, this review is purely based on performance without an ingredient assessment.
Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Duo

the ingredients

Not available.
Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam Packaging

the packaging

The Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam is presented in a plastic tube featuring a removable screw top lid and squeeze opening. When it is new, there is an aluminum seal on the opening to retain product freshness.

the analysis

As the ingredient list is not available, I cannot determine the CosDNA or EWG status of this product.

the application

Apply a moderate amount into damp hands and bubble. Gently massage the face and wash off with lukewarm water.

the scent

This Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam has a citrus fragrance.

the cost

A 120ml tube of the Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam sells for around USD$28.00 when sold as part of a set which includes the cleansing water from this line. It is sold separately as a 200ml tube. I purchased the former within a cleansing pair.

the availability

This product is available from Korean skincare boutiques such as Yes Style, Style Korean and iHerb.

the expiry

The cleansing foam expiration date indicated a likely three year lifespan. I was unable to locate a duration of use after opening, however suggest using it within 12 months of opening.
Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam Expiry

the performance

Firstly as always, Su:m37° delivers on product packaging. They even make a traditional squeeze tube look sophisticated with the minimalist gold labeling and soft cream tones. The wide cap allows for easy storage, letting the product naturally drip down to the opening for easy collection. It is a typical yet hygienic packaging solution.
The foam itself is similarly classy, the whipped texture exuding a radiant iridescent appearance. It squeezes out easily but is sufficiently dense that it holds its form upon dispensing. You only need a small amount to achieve a good lather (perhaps just a little more than shown below). The cleanser has the typical Su:m37° fragrance, similar to the brand’s famous Secret Essence. It is quite a strong citrus smell that is likely derived from the same essential oils that this product includes which features Lavender, Bergamot, Camomile, Geranium and Lime Oils. Those sensitive to such ingredients are advised to patch test first.
Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam Texture
Applying it to damp skin results in an immediate yet fine lather. The cleanser has a creamy consistency that bubbles when loosened during the rinse off stage of the cleansing process. It feels quite luxurious on the skin, although the fragrance is a bit too strong for my liking. It doesn’t irritate me or my skin so I can look past it, it’s just not preferable. After massaging it in for a minute or two as a first morning or second evening step, it rinses off easily and effectively with lukewarm water to reveal clean skin. The feeling is refreshing and enjoyable however, short lived.
Unfortunately, once the water evaporates from the surface, the skin is left mildly tight. A pH reading of around 9 indicated an alkaline composition which is contrary to the ideal 4-6 of the acid mantle and reason for the feeling of dryness.
Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam pH
This is an effective cleanser which is not harsh, probably even enjoyable to begin with regardless of the mild dryness experienced. However, with continued use, I did feel the stripping effects of using this product over a longer term, twice daily for around 6 weeks.

the conclusion

Although this cleanser looks and feels luxurious, in practice and after continuous use, its alkaline nature left my skin feeling dry and stripped. It has an obvious citrus fragrance and even though this may be naturally derived through essential oils, it is too strong for my liking. I am glad I tried this product, but won’t be repurchasing since the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, particularly at Su:m37 prices.
Su:m37° Skin Saver Pure Effect Cleansing Foam

the summary

Pros Cons
Elegant, hygienic packaging Only available online for Australians
Satisfying creamy lather A little expensive
Cleans the skin efficiently Sensitive skin may react to essential oils
Suitable for oilier skin types Strong fragrance
Drying due to alkaline pH of 9


the disclaimer

Please read in context with my disclaimer.



  • Susan Wildermuth

    Thank you for this review. I purchased it for $35 and tested it with my test strips and was shocked and disappointed when it turned almost black.

    • denise

      Hi Susan
      Yes, I know! It’s pretty disappointing, especially given the price point. Perhaps finish it as a body wash and look for something more gentle. There are plenty of good cleansers available under the USD$20 range.

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