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As the principal author and editor of CLAY + essence, I am always excited to purchase or receive new skincare for analysis. Most of the products reviewed on this blog are done so at my cost. Where that is not the case it is clearly announced within the disclaimer of the specific post to which it refers.

At my discretion, I will accept gifted products in exchange for social media exposure, sponsorship, an honest, unbiased review or any combination of the above. Any supplier, retailer, manufacturer or organisation that wishes to supply a product or skincare line should contact CLAY + essence with a request for review, providing the following details:

  • The company you represent
  • Your role within that company
  • The product(s) you wish to submit for review
  • Your contact details at the company
  • Any terms and conditions


my review terms

Product reviews will only be agreed, researched, trialed, completed and posted at my independent discretion. Even where I receive a product for consideration, I am under no obligation to test it or deliver a public review on this blog or any associated social media forum. Products received will not be returned in part or in full.

Furthermore, none of my reviews are influenced by manufacturers, suppliers, retailers or any third party. The opinions expressed in the reviews are honest and solely mine based on my personal experience with the item(s). Products will receive a dedicated post or in combination with other product(s) as agreed between both parties. Posted information may be used or shared anywhere within the blog and also across CLAY + essence social media sites.

Products submitted are done so at the supplier’s risk of an adverse review. If I genuinely dislike a product, I will substantiate my reasons for this opinion and choose whether to post a negative review or refrain from voicing a public opinion at all. Sometimes, products just don’t agree with me and in such cases I will usually not waste time researching and preparing a review when I have nothing constructive to contribute. Neither I nor CLAY + essence are responsible for any detrimental impact or reputation damage a review may have on a product, organisation, manufacturer, supplier or retailer. All care will be taken to retrieve sufficient knowledge about the product from the supplier to ensure it is tested correctly, effectively and efficiently for efficacy. All opinions will be expressed in a respectful and professional manner whether they be favourable or otherwise.

I determine the trial commencement date, analysis type and duration, tests, associated conditions and reporting format. I reserve the right to terminate a product trial at any time without notice or justification, resulting in no review. All products will be fairly and equally assessed. Any conflict of interest will result in declining the invitation for review.

paid reviews & sponsored posts

Reviews are not paid unless stipulated otherwise within the disclaimer of the specific post. As a significant number of hours and effort go into their preparation. Compensation for sponsored posts will be discussed on a product by product or brand by brand basis. Review terms, as listed above will apply. The same unbiased reporting and analysis will be conducted without supplier intervention, influence or guidance.

Please contact CLAY + essence for a Media Kit and sponsored post rates.


Affiliate relationships with retailers allow me to receive a small commission where links from my site initiate a sale on theirs. I only include affiliate links from reputable retailers but neither I nor any representative of CLAY + essence are in any way responsible for the dealings you may have with these retailers. Specific affiliations are listed in my disclaimer.

Paid reviews and affiliate commissions contribute to the running costs of the blog.