Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

the claim

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque penetrates and rejuvenates weakened hair for enhanced health, shine and resiliency with no weigh down. Perfect for dry, weakened or color-treated hair of all textures.

the science

Macadamia and argan seed oils are used in hair care because it of their many benefits. Macadamia Natural Oil implements a patented composition of both in their hair care products. It is rich in Omega 7 and closely resembles the skin’s natural oil making it easy to absorb into the hair and scalp without feeling greasy. It promotes the production of sebum in the scalp which replenishes the follicles and thus rejuvenates the hair. Squalene is a naturally occurring antioxidant in macadamia oil that helps to reduce moisture loss. Fatty acids in macadamia oil help to increase shine, strengthen and nourish.

Meanwhile, argan seed oil is a great source of Omega 9 and antioxidants. It can prolong and intensify conditioning, resulting in soft, sleek and shiny hair as well as moisturizing the scalp. It encourages healthy hair growth and may even repair existing damage caused by chemicals and treatments. Argan oil is often also used to tame frizz.
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

the ingredients

Water (Aqua), Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Cetyl Palmitate, Behentrimonium Chloride, Fragrance (Parfum), Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sodium PCA, Glycerine, Dimethicone, Aminomethyl Propanol, Amodimethicone, Cetrimonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Trideceth-12, Benzoic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Caramel, Butylphenyl Methylproprional, Limonene, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool

the packaging

The hair mask comes in a hard plastic rounded container with a twist open lid.
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque texture

the analysis

The CosDNA analysis was relatively good with only the addition of fragrance determined a concern. It rates similarly as a moderate hazard scoring 5/10 in the EWG Cosmetics Database, again the addition of fragrances to the formula raising red flags due to risk of irritation/detrimental reaction. Remaining ingredients rated at least fair.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque CosDNA Analysis

the application

 Macadamia Deep Repair Masque Application
Apply a lavish amount of Deep Repair Masque to clean, damp hair. Allow for 7-10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. No heat is required. Repeat 2-3 times weekly.

An instructional tutorial is available with further details.

the scent

This hair mask has a strong fruity, apple like scent.

the cost

The 250ml hair mask sells for approximately AUD$32.00.

the availability

The Macadamia brand is commonly sold in hair salons, pharmacies/chemists and widely online.

the expiry

After opening, the packaging indicates a 12 month exiry.

the performance

First impressions, it smells like apples. Perhaps not ideal for those with fragrance sensitivity but personally, I think the fruity smell is pleasant and I don’t normally like scented products. The texture is thick, not like an ordinary conditioner at all. Instructions advise that you have to wash you hair and towel dry it to prepare it for the treatment. Then apply it… and I mean liberally. The first few times I tried this mask, I couldn’t really understand what all the fuss was about. It didn’t change how my hair felt or looked. Perhaps it was slightly softer than a regular conditioner but not sufficiently different to warrant calling it a treatment or mask. I started applying it thicker and things changed. My hair softened. However, if I failed to apply this at least twice a week, the effects quickly diminished.

So if you’re prepared to apply this regularly, you will see improvements in hair condition and softness. I like the idea of a mask being a deep nourishing treatment that I have to apply less frequently, perhaps once a week, otherwise, you may as well just dispense with your regular conditioner and use this instead.

Given how much it costs per application, it is a little on the expensive side. After all, for the same price, you can often get salon quality 1 litre conditioner, four times the quantity of this cream. As for the claims of leaving my hair full of movement and bounce, I can’t say I witnessed that. It did however make my hair soft and silky, provided I used it regularly.

the conclusion

A lot of people swear by this mask. I guess it depends how unruly your hair is and how desperately you need to see the effects and benefits that this mask delivers. For me, I am indifferent to this product. I do like it, but not enough to want to spend that much money on a product that requires 2-3 applications a week in order to see and maintain positive results. This is how often I wash my hair, so technically, this product becomes a very expensive conditioner.

Others who might have a harder time taming their hair might need a product like this in their regular routine. It comes down to personal choice.
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
One excellent advantage of this product is that it is free of harsh sulfates, parabens, glutens and is color-safe and cruelty-free.

the references

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the disclaimer

Please read in context with my disclaimer.


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