Toners Explained

the toner types In our teens we started to experiment with skincare. We were advised that toning was the necessary step between cleansing and moisturising. We didn’t quite understand why but it seemed essential, particularly since the routine only included three steps. Nowadays, there are a lot more toners on the market that are designed to achieve different outcomes. We


the theory Something as seemingly simple as sunscreen has become rather complicated. Firstly, let’s examine what it is that we need to be protected from. We’re all aware that the sun emits radiation throughout the year that can cause skin damage. We need to protect our skin from both forms, UVA (long-wave ultraviolet A) and UVB (short-wave ultraviolet B) rays,

Double Cleansing

the theory As the name suggests, double cleansing involves cleaning your face twice before proceeding with the remainder of your skincare routine. The first cleanse should be oil based as this is a gentle, ideal and efficient way of removing dirt, makeup, bacteria and layers of sunscreen. This flushes away the majority of the impurities whilst the second cleanse goes