NU’TRIR products have been created using naturally derived ingredients to feed the skin and essential oils to nourish the skin. Developed for women looking for a natural, affordable skin care solution that delivers real results, all actives contained in this range are naturally derived.

  • Nu'trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil
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    nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil

    the claim The nu’trir Nourishing Cleansing Oil claims to be a botanical and antioxidant rich oil based cleanser that removes makeup, impurities and dead skin cells leaving skin feeling hydrated and nourished. It aids cell renewal with gentle exfoliation and provides anti-ageing properties with an antioxidant rich formulation.     the science A good oil cleanser removes makeup, sunscreen, impurities and general dirt from the face as a first step of the evening routine. This one from nu’trir incorporates many natural oils and extracts in order to achieve this. The one present at the highest concentration is Willow Bark Extract, a source of salicylic acid, a natural exfoliator able to…